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Hot Topic Debate: How Best to Modernize the Grid System to Achieve Carbon Reduction Goals

The U.S. centralized grid system has been in place for nearly a century. And during that time much has changed in how we use energy, the amount we use, and the resources we rely on to generate power. These changes, combined with global warming and environmental impacts, are raising fundamental questions about the viability of the traditional grid and utility systems, and whether they need to be overhauled and/or reimagined to achieve our carbon reduction and energy security goals and address environmental and social equity concerns.

Thought leaders Curt Kirkeby, Fellow Electrical Engineer at Avista Utilities, and Dawn Weisz, CEO of Marin Clean Energy, will share and debate their opposing views on these key issues and related questions. Tune in to see who makes the best case!

Buck Endemann
K&L Gates LLP

Curt Kirkeby
Fellow Electrical Engineer
Avista Utilities

Dawn Weisz
Marin Clean Energy